GOLISI is a brand dedicated to make solid and safe chargers and vaping batteries. All products are covered with Product Liability Insurance. You can find GOLISI products at most of big distributors worldwide.
Shenzhen Xin’xin’he Technology (previous name: Shenzhen Enough Power Technology ) headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a power solutions company, providing smart chargers and Li-ion batteries. We are committed to provide consumers real rated and solid quality products including 18650,  21700, 20700, 26650 batteries and smart chargers.
Golisi batteries are designed for high-drain discharging purpose and this brand has seen tremendous growth and use in ecig , drone, toys areas,  and they are comparable with those Korean / Japanese brands: for example, S30 VS VTC6A; S26 VS VTC5A; G30 is equivalent to HG2; G25 is an alternative to 25R. Moreover, we can provide what Sony Samsung can’t offer:
Certificates for imports / Quality requirements:
CE, ROHS, FCC, WEEE, IEC62133, (UL is on process)
CB certificates by TUV

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