RTA (Reduildable Tank Atomizer) is the term used to describe rebuildable atomizers that have a tank to hold your e-juice. RDA (Reduildable Drip Atomizer) is the term used to describe atomizers that require you to drip your liquid onto the coil.

It is encompassed with a tank pool for containing the e-juice. The chamber cap is linked to a chimney which routes the vapor to the drip tip. Gravity, along with pressure, helps push the e-juice into the tank and down the chamber cap; and finally, up through the channels present around the girth of the deck. Ends of the soaking wick are placed in these channels, and by the process of diffusion, the e-liquid is passed from the wick on to the coil for vaporization.

PROS of an RTA tank:

  • Sub-ohm level liquid quantity, RDA-grade flavor,and cloud production
  • Cheaper to use, compared to sub-ohm tanks
  • Easier to use than a RDA
  • Flexibility to experiment with coil builds

These are for experienced vapors who know how to rebuild their tanks with wicking and coils.

Choose from a wide variety or RTA’s from industry leading brands.

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