A selection of Rytrovape’s MTL e-liquid range.

Available in a 9MG and 12MG variant.

Mouth-to-lung (MtL) is essentially the same as how most people drag on a cigarette. You suck the vape into your mouth and then inhale into your throat or lungs. People that MtL aren’t focussed on generating huge clouds of vapor. Instead, flavor and nicotine are key to delivering the satisfaction they crave

Our current MTL range includes;

GRAPE FIZZ MTL – A refreshing take on the Fanta grape soft cold drink, bursting with an icy grape flavour.

BUBBLE BOMB – MTL – Are you a bubblegum milkshake lover? Well then this BUBBLE BOMB is the perfect flavour for you.
A cold, fresh bubble gum milkshake flavour that will take you right back to childhood!

STRANGO MTL – A smooth and soft blend of delicious strawberries and juicy mango.

MANGO BLIZZ MTL – A cold fresh and juicy mango flavour.

LEMCREAME MTL – A subtle sweet lemon Farley flavor enhanced with whipped cream and fresh lemon flavour.

GUMMY COLA MTL – A throwback to ones child hood of gummy cola bottles with a sweet and lasting flavour.

FUNKY LOOPS MTL – A throwback to ones childhood of sweetness and crunchiness enhanced with the blend of fruity flavour.

MANGRAPE FIZZ  MTL – A sweet grape, delicately blended with a hint of fresh mango.

THE PANMAN MTL – A Sweet blend of pancakes and cream, with hints of maple syrup.

LA MINT MTL – A refreshing lemon pepermint with a cool lingering effect on the tongue.

STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM MTL – A sweet and smooth take on a strawberry cheese cake with a hint of whipped cream.

THE CC  MTL – A sweet take on the cherry-cola soft drink.

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